Business Process Outsourcing

Through our BPO division, we support the decision making of customers by providing timely, appropriately researched information to enhance the understanding of dramatically changing industry trends & happenings on a regular basis, which ensures them to be up-to-date to take informed decisions. Our professional information services cover all aspects of communication landscape and typically includes customized supply of in-depth company reports, knowledge & information management, relevant news tracking & updates, market happenings, financial data procurement, and address & contacts verification.

In today's world, the information can come from virtually anywhere - newspapers, online media, social media, books, journal & magazine articles, expert opinions, web pages and the type of information needed will keep changing to different needs. Most of the time the compilation of information is limited and plagued by stereotypes and misconceptions. The speed in which accurate information is sourced has become the critical element of survival for any business and we, with our two decades of experience is aptly suited to take any assignment. We also process any supplied content and contacts for data interpretation, validation and upgradation.

We have worked with leading large global databases and industry players in automotive, chemical, pharma, biotechnology segments and have a strong track record in producing high-quality content which is edited and produced by a team of experts in their respective subjects.

Our portfolio of work includes:
Monitoring Mergers & Acquisitions in Pharma industry across the world.
Tracking New Pharma product development.
Compilation of information on all the Chemical companies across the world, including the chemicals manufactured by them.
Preparation of company Profiles of Top 500 Automotive companies.
Creation of new database consisting of information on more than 10,000 Medical associations.
Address and contacts addition and validation of International companies.

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