Business Research & Analysis

business research and analysis

Domex has been a pioneer in compiling project information on 40 industrial sectors in India from conceptual stage to commissioning stag to more than 2000 companies since the year 1995. All type of projects including New projects, Expansion, Modernisation, commissioned, are covered and tracked by us. Additionally, we offer entire spectrum of services in the business research value chain; from day to day niche business information needs to simple data collation through primary and secondary research to help our clients to fulfil strategic needs. Our services are offered through flexible engagement models. We ensure that the business information provided by us is tailor-made to meet clients' business objectives by critically analysing the information need.

We provide clients with the customized information on their business scenario required to stay ahead of competition in today's fast-paced business environment. Our vast range of research services provides our clients with this informational advantage. Our elaborate scoping methodology enables us to provide solutions that are specific to the organization and not generic to the industry.

Our information services enable our customers to identify trends across the regions and help them to arrive at actionable insights, making it easier to actively monitor their prospective customers. Our service also helps them to focus on segments of opportunity to grow revenue while reducing costs on marketing lead generating activity.

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