Capital Goods Marketing Software

Capital Goods Marketing Software,'CapexBD' can provide immense assistance to marketing, corporate planning and top management personnel with key data for decision making and long term planning. This software is an efficient long term business development and marketing tool for capital equipment and engineering components, that has been conceived initiated and developed by specialists with domain expertise in marketing of capital goods and engineering components and spares.

Highlights of Capital Goods Marketing Software (CapexBD) are :

Helps handle a wide range of products ranging from machinery to components to spares to consumables.
Assists monitoring of turnkey projects.
Handles and integrates marketing data and prospective customer information from multiple offices of the company.
Provides a ready reckoner / at-a-glance listing of business & sales opportunities.
Can be designed to correlate detailed engineering specifications from process licensor and engineering consultants.
Monitors orders lost / obtained and also provides post-mortem analysis / reasons for lost orders and successes.
Monitors pricing data to help prepare for the next tender.
Can be provided with tender monitoring modules.
Can keep track of performances of marketing personnel. Identifies shortcomings and laggards.
Competitor analysis which can be customized according to products and turnkey project executions.
Helps anticipation of floating of tenders or invitation to tender or RFQs. Can help establish a pattern in floating of tenders that can keep marketing personnel and company managements on a state of alert.
Generation of elaborate reports (in A4 format) that can be customized.
Timely lead generation facility with periodical reminders.
Order potential analysis and quarterly / yearly predictive sales numbers.
Historical analysis ? providing details of customer-wise and territory-wise past orders.
Helps generate standard letters with standard phrases that can make correspondence looks sophisticated and free from communication deficiencies. Helps sales engineers quickly draft interim letters to prospective customers. Also can be customized to generate newsletters and company announcements to customers and relevant recipients.
Facilitates mass mailing of product news or introductions.
User friendly and compatible with Windows 7 or previous versions. So also compatible with Office 2010 and previous versions. Reports can be generated in Excel.

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